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Conducting experiments and observing their results is essential in science education. Often in remote and distance learning it is difficult to implement this way of teaching because then there is no access to real laboratories. However, there are online labs and they can be very helpful in such situations.
My online lab is always available. Each of you can use it via the Internet at any time of the day or night.
Such laboratories may be remote or virtual.

In the first case, various implementations of remotely controlled robots can be very useful. I have such robots, but their users must have great skills to use them. I am thinking of developing friendlier robots (remote-controlled lab technicians), but it takes some time.

So, now I am providing you virtual kits for experiments. Hopefully, after launching the selected application, you will be able to conduct experiments on the appropriate set of elements and instruments as if you were sitting in front of them.
To make the classes more attractive, each student may have a different set of elements for testing (e.g. different values of resistors, capacitors etc.) During the classes, my students get individual access codes to the virtual warehouse of elements.
If you are a guest here and you don't have a code for the magazine, you can use the universal code. This is the number: 101100100.

I developed a few applications for my electrical engineering classes - open the menu on the left.
The menu on the right contains links to theoretical descriptions, simulations, and other teaching aids.

I developed more experiments but they are include issues from computer science area so I put them in other sections of my website.